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[21 Dec 2018|08:01pm]
Peter Parker
With great power, there must also come great responsibility

NAME: Peter Parker
FANDOM/CANON POINT: 616 Spider-Man / Post The Amazing Spider-Man: Family Matters
AGE: 28



Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for 13 years; in that time he has battled and fought super villains, assisted the police, been married, had that marriage annulled by essentially the devil, had his body swapped with his arch nemesis, become the multi-billion dollar CEO of an international tech conglomerate, then ran it into the ground to save the world, and... oh, yea, been an Avenger, fought clones of himself--listen, you know the story.

First and foremost, Peter absolutely loves being Spider-Man. He loves traversing New York, he loves to hear the sounds of people cheering for him; he loves stopping crime, wise cracking as he goes. He loves it. Even when it's at its worst, he still wouldn't trade it for anything. On top of that Peter loves his life too. Friends, family, everyone close to him he loves. That said, his life isn't perfect and Peter isn't perfect either.

Peter is a wholesome, kind, good-natured person with plenty of character flaws. His goal is always to help in anyway he can, from fending off some muggers who are attacking a homeless woman, and then immediately helping the woman find herself a warm shelter, not by judging but instead by empathizing and talking to them as an equal. Or he'll give up a great job, at a large corporation, that would pay tons of money, in order to help bring about a project that pays next to nothing, just because he thinks what's being done is right.

Peter's the sort that will go to bat for everyone; when someone asks for his help, he' there, when they don't? He's still there. This can be detrimental, as Peter tends to take too much onto his own shoulders. It strains relationships, as he often times treats people like they're breakable, or fears for them, when in fact he could truly use their help.

Peter can also be a bit self-doubting and insecure. He's absolutely brilliant, but often spends most of his time looking up to those he might be as smart as, if not smarter; taking a backseat to them because he idolizes them.

He has lost plenty of close, romantic relationships because of a lack of belief in himself while also holding others to a pedestal. It's why having people close to him matters so much, they keep him grounded, remind him of his potential, make him see things that he'd otherwise not see.

That said, Peter is great at what he does do. He's a nimble, fast fighter, who fights with a reckless, almost light-hearted fashion. Throwing quips and wise cracks, overestimating his own abilities as Spider-Man, while also underestimating the abilities of his opponents. It's in stark contrast to his otherwise confidence-lacking personality. Where he doesn't necessarily believe in himself as Peter Parker, as Spider-Man he feels he's always the top in the room. This can also lead to him underestimating enemies and not taking them as seriously as he should.

Peter also has a very strong emotional side. He connects with others very deeply, idolizing some, and struggles when his morals and idols clash. Whether it's a scientist he loves becoming psychotic, broken, and evil, and Peter struggling with how to handle it, to a close family member on their death bed, and Peter forced to make a choice between saving them, or the whole of New York. In the end, Peter will make the right call on his moral compass, having a strong moral ground, but will struggle to make it. Will feel that selfish streak attack him, embrace him, before finally pushing it away.

Peter is a good natured, fun-loving, jokester with a wholesome personality, yet he can be self-defeating, emotional, and reckless, making him both a superhero and simply: human.

NAME. Matt TZ. MST PB. Tom Holland DISCORD. MatillaTheHun#4866
AVAILABILITY. Evenings and Weekends

[18 Mar 2018|05:40pm]

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