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    Sunday, February 5th, 2017
    3:21 pm

    Peter Parker )
    Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016
    10:13 pm

    NAME: Peter Parker
    AGE: 27
    DATE OF BIRTH: 02/21/89

    CANON: Marvel 616
    CANON POINT: Just post Amazing Spider-Man #5, second volume after Superior Spider-Man
    PB: Andrew Garfield

    NAME: Matt
    AGE: 30
    CONTACT: AIM: Trampled Webs.
    SAMPLES: {Please link; if you don't have previous activity in other games, create an entry in your character's journal and link to that, please.} First Person Sample | Third Person Sample
    PROOF: Let's Do this! (That's what it said right? I can't remember x.x)
    { Peter Parker
    With Great Power, Comes Great Responsbility.
    SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
    VISION: At this point in his life, Peter has had multiple sexual encounters and is hardly the uber nerd he was back in high school. He's confident, accepting of who he is, and strives to be a good person. That being said, Peter's also both an extremely loyal, and extremely monogamous sort of man, so it'll be difficult to open up to multiple partners at the same time. He's not a ladies man, so his flirting mostly consists of terrible jokes and one liners, and he's generally a bit scared of being too rough as he's not really sure if he could control some of his the power in him (super strength, yo.). Peter's experimented though and has learned how to deal with some of that power and isn't afraid of the bedroom. With over a decade of marriage, and long lasting relationships with several women, he's had plenty of experience and has had to spice things up before, so isn't afraid of trying new things or experimenting. He's fun, he's open, but will, again, find the idea of multiple partners to be a terrifying concept that will take some time to get used to.
    Peter Parker is supremely intelligent, a genius level intellect. He's friendly, kind, loyal, and a nerd through and through. Frankly, he's everything any parent might one day pray to have; he doesn't get into a lot of trouble, he doesn't spend all of his time out on the town, and likes to simply play video games, build, or study. That being said, Peter's also a bit of a social outcast. No, he's not some closet serial killer, nor is he the all-black wearing kid with eye make up; instead, he just doesn't find he often fits in, and he's rarely outgoing.

    Due to his parents' death, Peter feels a sense of detachment sometimes from trusting relationships; further, when his uncle died (post Peter's bite, but before becoming Spider-Man), Peter grew more distant with people. It's not that he's entirely distrusting, he just fears hurting people, or losing them.

    Peter currently sails through High School with ease, his grades are simply the highest in the school, and his affinity for learning is unmatched. Yet, when it comes to his daily life he rarely uses this quality. Peter has a tendency not to believe in himself, becoming sullen and closed off; there's little to no confidence in his demeanor, and this extends to his social life as well. When people do get to know Peter, they become fast friends because of his warm personality; yet, it's rarely Peter who'll be the one making the friend, but rather the other way around.

    He's not incredibly shy, but he is shy enough that it can make him a bit of an awkward first encounter; yet, even this and all of the above changes once the mask goes on. As Spider-Man, Peter feels a new sense of confidence, and pride, and a loss of insecurity. He becomes witty and banters, flirting easily with the likes of masked heroines or rescued 'damsels'. It's not a Jekyll and Hyde thing, so much as it's a chance to be someone other than him.

    He's athletic, he's strong, he's fast; these are things that Peter thinks make him cool, not his brain. While being a nerd no longer holds the stigma it once did, Peter still feels out of place outside of his mask, and finds little confidence. It's easy to see if Peter could crawl out of his shell, and combine confidence as Spider-Man with the intelligence of Peter Parker, the world would be his oyster. He just needs to find that.

    special powers/abilities
    STRENGTHS: Loyal, sense of humor, his powers, will of character, determination, intelligence
    WEAKNESSES: Insecurity, insecurity that leads to over confidence, a bit too aloof, too trusting.
    Peter is brilliant, nothing short of genius-level intellect when it comes to science; he's shown an affinity for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and beyond. What's more, having invented web shooters, Peter has shown a great deal of engineering genius as well. Peter, thanks to the bite, has grown several powers that, together, make him an powerful and formidable foe. ---> Super Strength - Gaining the 'proportional' strength of a spider, Peter is capable of lifting nearly 15 tons. ---> Super Durability/Stamina - Capable of withstanding heavy blows (including punches from The Hulk), and being able to fight for hours without growing fatigued. ---> Super Flexibility/Agility - Capable of bending to extreme lengths, and having the agility 15 times that of a normal human being; Peter Parker is capable of contorting his body to what should be impossible levels. ---> Super Reflexes/Equilibrium - To go along with his flexibility and agility, Peter's reflexes (which also stem from his spider sense), allow him to react almost instantly to attacks and dodge them; further, his equilibrium allows him to find perfect balance at nearly any position. Even capable of balancing upside down, atop one single finger, atop the tip of of a skyscraper's lightning rod or antennae. This allows him to keep from growing disoriented due to webslinging and wall crawling. ---> Wall-Crawling - Peter is capable of generating a miniature, and natural biological form of electric magnetism that allows him to stick to nearly every surface; therefore allowing to crawl along walls and ceilings. ---> Spider sense - A precognitive danger sense that, coupled with his reflexes, agility, and flexibility, allow Peter to sense danger just nanoseconds before it happens, giving him an opportunity to dodge. This has resulted in a unique fighting style that puts all of his powers together, turning Spider-Man into one of the premiere hand to hand combatants on the planet.
    Peter Parker
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