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[17 Oct 2018|04:36pm]


I can't really be angry with pants as comfortable as this.

Image attachment )

That being said, I don't tend to wear white. Or pink. I may have to branch out.

October 17 | Clarice Fong [17 Oct 2018|03:28pm]


You all look so sexy everyone date me, please. But only in those clothes. If it's not yelling at me, we're over.

[17 Oct 2018|09:33am]


So, I'm pretty pleased to know that the leather pants still fit like a glove. The tassels on the legs and the red poet shirt might be a little much, and the hat definitely is something, but I'm feeling more myself than I have in years.

I've spent the last few days searching the Internet for myself, because I'm a narcissist. I acknowledge this outright because most things I found do too, and I found that part amusing.

001. James Potter [17 Oct 2018|09:29am]


In all the stories about all the afterlifes in all the mythologies in all the histories in all the entire world ...

Well I didn't expect to be thrust into the middle of another war with this weird muggle device that I absolutely don't know how to use, bugger all, and I really, really didn't expect to learn that my one year old son is, in fact, older than I am.

The good news is, I didn't die (not that I thought I was going to, mind you, just figured the dramatization of afterlifes was a damn good ice breaker).

The better news is, I'm told my beautiful, smart, amazing wife is already here (how she is when we just had a terrifying shouting match and I sent her upstairs, damn my bravado, I don't know).

The best news is, so is my son. Even if I apparently missed his entire childhood, Hogwarts years, and adulthood. Fuck all.

All of that to say hello, Atlantis, I'm James Potter. Who wants to get a drink?

[17 Oct 2018|11:56pm]


Very funny. I get it. I'm not the most fashionable guy around.

I look ridiculous but hey, least it's red.

[PLOT: Insanely gaudy outfit wearing time - Roy is stuck wearing this (the red suit, the topless outfit might come later in the day) ]

[17 Oct 2018|07:10am]


Seriously not cool, Atlantis. I’d like my normal clothes back, please.

[OOC: It’s Wear Something Gaudy Day, Atlantis Style and John is wearing this. You’re welcome. Please mock him.]

[17 Oct 2018|07:07am]


I’m not sure what possessed me to put on such strange clothing today. I suppose it is one of those strange Atlantis impulses that will soon pass.

Net Post/ Rey [16 Oct 2018|10:24pm]


Whatever took us to Breckentale apparently thought that Wookie's alternate self would be permanent because Marty appeared here with me. She obviously remembers being here even though we are in a different place but she hasn't suffered any ill effects. I'm curious as to why I named a girl dog "Marty" but maybe Roxanne had a reason.

[16 Oct 2018|05:40pm]


I'm looking for a challenge. Who's game?

ARRIVALS 10/16 [16 Oct 2018|02:20pm]


October 16
Arrivals & Departures for October 16th

  • Mal
  • Hercules Hansen
  • James Potter
*keep in mind that with glitches, all your character knows ICly is that they didn't tell them they were leaving. Whether they chose to leave without saying anything or a glitch happened is purely for OOC knowledge.

*(This alert is pushed to everyone's phones at 5pm Atlantis time today)

october 16 :: poe dameron [16 Oct 2018|10:04pm]


I'm in the mood for some tacos... Anyone wants to join me?

October 16 | Kady Orloff-Diaz [16 Oct 2018|07:34pm]


[Message to Eliot]
Happy Oscar Wilde's Birthday. I think you should extra queer it up in his honor today. Dramatically queer it up, even. It's what he would have wanted.

Yes, you do remind me of him.

[16 Oct 2018|12:20pm]


We've returned from New Orleans and I've already fallen asleep during briefings (most likely to my brother's amusement) so at this point I just need a good solid two days of sleep. I apologize for not being the most attentive, especially to new arrivals. Once I've had a great deal of food and sleep I'll be much less cranky or prone to falling asleep in a word, I promise you.

Anyone who received healing from me after the battle last night should be fine for normal activities, but I recommend taking it easy for a day anyway. Don't just drink all night, Garrett.

If anyone needs me, you may have to poke me awake. And hope I don't set you on fire (I promise it won't be on purpose!)

Net Post/ Hikaru Sulu [15 Oct 2018|11:21pm]


I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to go sit on a star. I miss being up there. I did have a whole day where I couldn't smiling though. Demora was very amused.

15 October :: Net Post :: Ginny Weasley [15 Oct 2018|11:51pm]


Hot take: Leonardo Spinnet cannot do yoga.

Not that anyone was surprised.

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